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45) Fresh up your fridge

Name: Mark Gardiner
Town: Kingston-upon-Hull
Country: UK

Fridges... we need them! But over time and the more we fill them with food we forget to eat, the more they begin to smell bad, which then begins to make newly purchased food taste like a wrestlers armpit!

To combat this and to keep your fridge odour free, lemons can be used to freshen up your fridge.

Here's how:

Take one lemon and cut it in half. Place the lemon on a saucer and put this at the back of your fridge, the lemon will naturally absorb any bad odours coming from your fridge and making it smell super.

Or you could just buy a new fridge!

If you would like to see pictures of fridges and alternative uses for them, you might be interested in this site. We loved the Kegerator idea and may invest in one for the office!



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101 Uses For A Lemon


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