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48) Make a battery from a lemon

Name: Jenny
Town: London
Country: UK
suggestion: All you need for this experiment is a lemon, a penny, and strip of zinc. Make sure the zinc and the penny areclean by polishing them with a piece of sand paper. Squeeze the lemon without splitting the peel to release the juices inside. Cut a pair of slits in the top of the lemon about 1-2 cm apart. Insert the penny in one slit and the zinc in the other. Touching the leads of a voltmeter to the penny and the zinc will show that a small voltage is produced.

WARNING: A small number of people die each year from testing batteries with their tongue so don't do it, but breaking open a battery with a pair of pliers is fine!!

Illustration: courtesy of Ladybird Junior Science Book, Magnets, Bulbs and Batteries.

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101 Uses For A Lemon


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