3D- Design

Are you looking for a fresh look using your current corporate identity or a completely new approach, Electric Lemon has the experience and imagination to design a range of 3D designs that can be used for alsorts of different ways to promote and expand your business. They will be of high quality and with a creative twist that can work in all areas and be delivered on time. Where as flat images look great, adding a 3D image or design to your business will make it stand out, strong and creative.

design is not just about how it looks. It's about how it works


"We have worked with Electric Lemon and they have always provided us with the truly creative element we are looking for."

Roz Britten - Partner
Scott Britten Marketing


"We are proud to have a long standing relationship with Electric Lemon and regard them as part of our in-house team."

Sammy Rose - Managing Director
Sammy Rose Management Services