Advertising usually accounts for a sizeable portion of a marketing budget. And, if it's not done right and not measured effectively, it is this activity that disappoints - both in terms of time and money invested. Harsh, but true.

For some of our retail business clients - such as Italian furniture supplier Casa Italia - we have created a suite of templates based around a series of simple, yet effective, designs. These allow us to easily and cost-effectively amend product and pricing information for fast-turnaround local and regional press ads.

Other ads that we have created in the past - both campaigns and one-off placements - include solutions for clients within such diverse sectors as engineering, construction and recruitment.

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design is not just about how it looks. It's about how it works


Monday, Feb 2nd 2009

New contract won!

Word of mouth is the best compliment we can have, and that is how Ruxton Estate Agents chose Electric Lemon to take control of their 2009 advertising.Read more...


Tuesday, Jan 20th 2009

King Baby

A new invitation was all that was requested - King Baby received more than they bargained for! Read more...