Brightview LCD Advertising Display

Brightview Standalone LCD AD Display

The Brightview AD range is a very cost effective solution which features the ability to display pictures, text and audio files. It has applications in public sector, retail, financial institutions, hotels, hospitals and entertainment spots. Each high specification digital screen is quick and easy to install and is supplied with a power cord, it’s also easy to operate without specialist knowledge, simply Plug & Play, and data files are also easily changed.

Our AD range benefits from the capability to play in both portrait and landscape modes, with an auto-switch function, users can easily select to fit the venue and theme.

Just simply insert a SD/CF Memory Card and power on. Eco-friendly digital screen timer - the screen automatically starts playing the images, videos and music files that are loaded onto the card at a scheduled time, allowing you to save energy at night by automatically switching off. Users can freely set the playlist and interval time which includes the start and stop times of each slide, giving you complete control over every aspect of your digital presentation.

Modern appearance
High quality gloss finish
Power time settings
Remote Control
Lock protect
Scrolling text message
Metal back casing


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