Brochure # 2



Severn Trent International


To provide a new brand for the international water and wastewater utility services company, which could work all over the world to win business overseas.



An attractive colour pallet was developed and used to enable instant identification of different divisions. The clean design allowed for translation into other languages, such as Russian, which requires up to 30 percent more space on the page. The graphics were provided with a suite of templates, so that all internal documents can follow guidelines.

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Monday, Feb 2nd 2009

New contract won!

Word of mouth is the best compliment we can have, and that is how Ruxton Estate Agents chose electric Lemon to take control of their 2009 advertising.Read more...


Tuesday, Jan 20th 2009

King Baby

A new invitation was all that was requested - King Baby received more than they bargained for! Read more...