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Direct Mail Case Study # 2

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This machine tool company wanted a direct mail campaign to make potential clients that they would meet at a forthcoming trade show aware of the new services available at their state-of-the-art factory.



Our 'Secret Agent' theme comprised of a series of teaser mailers designed to grab the attention of prospective exhibition delegates, arouse curiosity about Triumph’s “The Rocket” and hint at the ‘intelligence’ they could gather at the show.

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Monday, Feb 2nd 2009

New contract won!

Word of mouth is the best compliment we can have, and that is how Ruxton Estate Agents chose Electric Lemon to take control of their 2009 advertising.Read more...


Tuesday, Jan 20th 2009

King Baby

A new invitation was all that was requested - King Baby received more than they bargained for! Read more...